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Peter A. Pentz, Esq. is an experienced attorney and a certified workers’ compensation specialist.

A Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist Serving Workers And Employers In Pennsylvania

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Get The Answers You Need In Workers’ Compensation Matters

Workers’ compensation law is complex and time-sensitive, which is why it’s important for anyone facing a workers’ compensation case – whether you’re an injured worker, an employer, or an insurer – to work with an experienced attorney who can provide clear and prompt answers as questions come up.

Peter A. Pentz, Esq. represents both injured workers as well as employers and insurance companies. This means that we have deep and ongoing experience working on both sides of workers’ compensation cases, so we are well-acquainted with the legal obstacles you might encounter and we can help you anticipate these hurdles and form a strategy to overcome them.

In every case, we are proactive and assertive advocates for each of our clients. For injured workers, that means obtaining the full compensation to which you’re entitled. For employers and insurers, it means helping you comply with regulations and ensuring that workers’ compensation claims do not place an undue burden on the business.

Work With A Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist

For over 28 years, Peter A. Pentz, Esq. has been representing clients before workers’ compensation judges, the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board and the Commonwealth Court. He was among the first attorneys in Pennsylvania to be certified as a workers’ compensation specialist by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Throughout those 28 years, Mr. Pentz has represented employers, insurance companies and third-party administrators and currently also assists workers and workers’ compensation claimants in asserting workers’ compensation claims.

Our firm also assists our clients with Social Security claims and unemployment claims as well as personal injury, motor vehicle accidents and other civil litigation.

Learn More At An Initial Consultation

Whether you are an employee filing a claim, or an employer or insurer responding to one, it’s important to move quickly and take the appropriate actions before a small issue becomes a big one. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the more power you will have to steer the process and avoid unexpected hurdles.